Philip “Hair Doctor” Kingsley: Hair Repair Tips

It’s surprising that it only takes a fraction of time to ruin your hair, compared to the time it takes to repair it.

When the damage is done, it’s done – and while it may be tempting to bemoan your frizzy, dried out state, it’s better to be proactive about prevention in the first place.

The most common mistake people make is that, when they go shopping for hair products, they make decisions based on scent, rather than what hair type the product is geared towards.

Would you go to the gym and run in a pair of high heels? Not likely. In the same vein, don’t buy a hair product for curly, thick hair if your hair is thin and color-treated – we can guarantee that you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

For more tips on how to treat damaged hair, we turned to hair guru Philip Kingsley, who has been working with hair for over 50 years.  
His client base includes celebrities such as Kate Winslet, John Travolta, Renee Zellweger, Sigourney Weaver, and Candice Bergen.

Kingsley recommends the following when trying to repair damaged hair:

1.  Hair damage can occur at any time, but particularly when hair is exposed to a combination of sun, chlorine, and wind.  The moisture content of the hair cells will get dried up,  resulting in loss of elasticity (stretchability), leading to hair breakage, split ends, and dull hair.
2.  The choice of shampoos to help repair the damage depends on what damage has occurred.  It is not a matter of reading labels, because a lot depends on percentages of ingredients, as well as the methods of blending.  
It is important to look at the label and choose a shampoo for your hair texture (fine, medium, wavy or frizzy) and look for words such as “re-moisturizing” or “moisturizing.” 
It is important to choose a moisturizing or re-moisturizing conditioner and leave-in conditioning styling aid that has a sun screen and protective qualities against heat.  
3.  Use a hair mask regularly to help restore elasticity, stretchability, strength, moisture, body, and control.