Scarlett Johansson’s Hairstylist Oribe Discusses Her New ‘Do

No more hiding, Scarlett!

Scarlett Johansson got some interesting feedback about her recent new lobbed haircut. Shall we be nice and call it a mixed bag?
The gorgeous actress cut her locks to well above the shoulders, trying something edgy and messy. Now her hairstylist is talking about the new cut.
Celebrity hairstylist Oribe described his client’s look as "a combination of Brigitte Bardot in the front and 90’s Christy Turlington at the bottom," and a "modern bob."
His primary motivation for the change was giving her a fresh look for mid-summer, so he lightened it and removed some of the heaviness.
The interesting thing about Scarlett’s hair is that it was actually cut two times to get the look we saw at Comic Con.
The first time, Scarlett was supposed to have a style like Bridget Bardot, so Oribe "took 5 to 6 inches off the front."  After Scarlett’s hair was cut for that job, they took length off the back to make it a modern summer cut.  
Oribe insists that this look is great on everybody.  "I really like this style because it can look good on everybody," he said. 
"This haircut isn’t so drastic – it’s very soft in a way. A medium-length bob like this can be turned into lots of different styles, so it doesn’t take a certain type of face shape or skin tone to pull it off.
In terms of length, the style should be closer to the collarbone in front, not at chin level. The hair should be left long enough to put up."
It’s interesting to see how much thought went into her simple style, which reminds me of a nightmare haircut I gave myself one time… I think ScarJo can pull it off, though! It’ll look better when it’s smoother.