10 Tips for Breezy Travel from High-Flying Beauty Experts

Because I'm still recovering from a five-and-a-half hour flight to San Francisco that turned into a 12 hour ordeal, I can’t think of a better time to share these 10 travel tips from frequent fliers and beauty experts, Alexi Mintz and Kate Duff.

The two ladies are the co-founding entrepreneurs behind, the first site to specialize in high end beauty, grooming, and personal care items, all of which are a TSA-friendly 3 fl oz or less.

New brands are constantly being added, and plans for the future include the addition of baby products, cosmetics, travel-friendly beauty, grooming tools, and accessories.

Shopping the site is a must, along with travel-centric boutique and online site, Flight 001, before any trip.

This is what the ladies have to say when it comes to tips for making flying just a little bit more tolerable…

1. Check in online beforehand. Not only to choose your seats, but if you’re checking a bag you usually save on fees by paying ahead. Arrive at the airport earlier than usual, even if you’re carrying on. There are always longer lines around the holidays at security.

2. Save space in your bag by wearing your heaviest clothing. Bulky sweaters and coats make great pillows and blankets.

3. Pack your beauty, grooming and personal care items, as well as an extra pair of underwear, in your carry-on, so that if luggage is delayed or lost you can still look and feel your best. We created our custom Kits by exactly for that reason.

4. If you’re bearing gifts, order them early and ship directly to your destination (with specific instructions not to open until a certain date, of course). If you’re bringing gifts, the TSA will probably un-wrap them, so buy pretty gift bags and tissue paper that lay flat in your bag to save space and time.

5. We never travel without a multi-use balm like Air Repair’s Recue, especially in the winter. It can be used wherever skin is dry, from lips to cuticles and elbows and it locks in moisture for hours. Kate also uses it as a gentle eye makeup remover.

6. If you’re checking a bag, identify it with more than just a luggage tag so you can spot it easily. A bright colored ribbon is always obvious.

7. Set reminders to yourself in late summer/early fall to book travel tickets well in advance to get the best rates and seats (exit rows have more leg room).  We also try to book early morning flights because we’ve found them to be less crowded, and less likely to be canceled or delayed.

8. Pack filling snacks. Oranges are always a good choice because the smell is a proven mood lifter, and helps to relieve the stress of annoying seatmates.

9. Always have hand sanitizers with you when you travel. Alexi always carries Herbal Essentials naturally antibacterial and antiseptic towelettes in lavender, lemon, and peppermint scents for everything from her hands to the airplane seats.

10. When traveling internationally make sure to have copies of your passport, travel documents, emergency contact info and extra currency in different bags in case one is lost or stolen.