Be Sexy, Beautiful and Sweat-Free

New York Fashion Week is less than a month away and with this summer being one of the hottest in NYC history, models, fashionistas, and industry professionals have concerns about keeping perspiration under control as they scurry from fitting to fitting and from one fashion event to the next.

What designer wants their brilliant creation stained by a model who sweats excessively? And that model pose that you’ve rehearsed for weeks really won’t pop on the red carpet if your underarm stains get more attention than your supersexy ensemble.

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is characterized by abnormally increased perspiration in excess of what is required for regulation of body temperature. Though antiperspirants may provide some relief, harsh antiperspirants may also cause underarm irritation and fabric stain. 

NYC–based, board-certified, cosmetic surgeon Sharon Giese successfully treats many models and industry professionals who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

“Sweating is a natural process that occurs when you are nervous and/or the body needs to be cooled down,” says Dr. Giese.  “During Fashion Week people are running around like crazy, nerves are frayed, and you are naturally going to sweat more – and possibly stain your clothes. Some prescription deodorants are effective in controlling excessive sweating; however, some of them cause irritation and underarm breakouts. Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) injections is an FDA–approved, safe, effective way to eliminate underarm sweating.”

The side effects to this treatment are minimal. “There is no medical downside from not being able to perspire under your arms,” says Dr. Giese.

“Your armpits take up about 1% of your total body surface area. So, that leaves 99% of your whole body surface area to control body temperature … The injections under the arm may cause minimal bruising, but that usually fades away in a couple of days.”

Though the fashion industry has been utilizing this treatment for some time, Sharon Giese is one of the leading practitioners of underarm sweat reduction.

And her recent appearances on Channel 11 News, CBS’ The Early Show, and The Real Housewives of New York City, as well as her celebrity clientele, testify to her accomplishments.

Sharon Giese’s tony, upper eastside facility also caters to the modern woman who is looking for non-invasive, rejuvenation procedures that do not impede an active lifestyle.

”Modern women don’t want to look artificial. They want to look like themselves, only better,” confides Dr. Giese.

With only Central Park separating Dr. Giese’s facility from Fashion Week’s new home at Lincoln Center, perspiration control and facial rejuvenation is only a short cab ride away. “My goal is to promote health and wellness, enhance body image, and strengthen the psyche to improve overall quality of life.” Aptly said.

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