Beauty Trend: Italian Style

Let’s face it, the Italians have got it, and they show it off with confidence. When it comes to beauty, Italian woman have naturally beautiful skin and features that create the perfect palette for any make-up look. They take full advantage of this, and typically have a “more is better” attitude. From big, sculpted eyebrows, deep, red lips and smoky eyes, the Italian beauty is a force to be reckoned with. Rather than picking one strong beauty statement to run with, Italian women have a way of mixing several looks together and making them work. Definitely not a beauty look for a day at the beach, the Italian make-up style is a dark, dramatic way to bring your femininity out with passion.

A bright, red lip, exaggerated eyebrows and slicked hair show off Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre’s gorgeous looks (left). Colorful, dramatic eyes, bright, cherry lips, and unfinished eyebrows were the look at D Squared (right).

Italian gems Dolce and Gabbana showed off slicked, black hair, berry lips and dark, sculpted brows on the runway (left). Deep, black lips, pulled back hair and thick, brushed brows are elegantly Italian at Missoni (right).

Try channeling a little Italian sex appeal next season, and get darker with your beauty routine.