Braided Beauty: 3 Looks Worth Trying

Rachel Bilson braids

Those cute braids that took us hours to master back in grade school are now seriously back and seriously versatile. They can be quick and messy (and used to produce beachy waves) or more complicated and sleek. Either way, it’s a great hairstyle that goes perfectly with both jeans and a t-shirt or a dress and platforms.


1. The Messy Braid

Alexander Wang messy braids

The messy braid adds a fun aspect to more low-maintenance looks. We love the side braids a la Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010, they looks tousled, sexy, and full of volume.

To get the look, spray volumizer of your choice on roots and let hair air-dry. (If you have wavy or curly hair, tousle with a hair dryer.)  Make a deep side part and braid hair down the side. Fasten with a small, clear hair tie, or wrap a strand of hair around a rubber-band for a more natural look.


2. Small Braids

Rachel Bilson small braidsRachel McAdams braids

Small braids are an uber-cute, bohemian look that’s easy to create. Start with hair that looks natural and has a little bit of a wave. (To get this look, braid damp hair and take it out once it dries.)  Take two small strands of hair from the front of the head, braid each one, and pin back with bobby pins. Or for something more exciting, use flower pins or colored clips. If you’re feeling daring, try threading some ribbon through the braid for a funkier look.


3. Halo Braid

Lauren Conrad braidsSienna Miller braids

Believe it or not, unless you are blessed with a colossal amount of hair, this is often simply a hairpiece or an actual headband. To get the this look, pull your hair back into a messy bun and secure with pins. Add a braided hairpiece from the nape of the neck, and wrap around the entire head. Set the braid in place by sticking pins in the braid and connecting to the scalp. Finish with hairspray.

Make sure your piece is long enough to wrap around your entire head (Remember, it will be shorter once braided. Also, always match your hair color as closely as possible.)

Braids are fun, easy and should never look too “done”.  If you’ve spent too much time braiding, chances are, it’s not going to look right. Play around with your hair, see what looks good; and remember—braids usually look best on hair that’s not freshly washed.