Chanel Fall 2010 Haute Couture: Real-Life Runway Beauty

I’ve seen a lot of ‘How-to’ articles on the Internet that tell readers which products to use to achieve certain runway looks, but very few that teach actual application techniques. As a professional makeup artist working in fashion, I can tell you that sometimes it’s more about how you apply a product, than which brand of product you use. My goal is to teach you how to achieve wearable runway looks at home, using any cosmetic brand that you happen to have lying around at home.

Chanel red lipsChanel Beauty Look

The look we’ll be doing this week is Chanel Fall 2010 Haute Couture (above). I chose this look because it’s simple, flattering to all face types, and would look great at holiday parties. Chanel Global Creative Director of Makeup, Peter Philips, told Teen Vogue, "Karl Lagerfeld wanted to give a new dimension to Haute Couture makeup. He wanted contemporary hairstyles and makeup and a new sophistication: an everyday, easy to wear look."

The actual products that were used were obviously all Chanel; most importantly, Rouge Coco Lipstick in Rivoli and lipliner in Carmin, but the point is to improvise with what you have at home!

beauty products


Product List:

  1. Moisturizer – I used Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre
  2. Lip Moisturizer – I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Moisturizing Lip Balm
  3. Satin finish foundation – I used Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup in N3 & O5
  4. Natural-matte finish powder – I used MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium (WARNING: contains Titanium Dioxide. Not recommended if you will be photographed using any kind of flash or strobe as it reflects too much light and will give you a pale, ghost-like mask, aaah!)
  5. Taupe/Mushroom color shadow – I used MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeshadow #127
  6. Dusty rose color blush – I used MAC Cosmetics Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby
  7. Deep red lipstick & lipliner – Philips remarked that this look can be done with ANY bold lipcolor, so I used La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lip Colour in Cardinal and MAC lipliner in Cherry
  8. Concealer pencil – I used MAKE UP FOR EVER No 100
  9. Bronzer – I used STILA Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 2 


Tools Needed:

  1. Lash Curler – I used (drugstore brand) Lacrosse Eyelash Curler
  2. Sponge – I used Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge
  3. Soft shadow brush
  4. Blending brush 
  5. Small lip brush
  6. Brow grooming tool – I used a disposable mascara wand
  7. Powder/Blush/Contour brush
  8. Hard angle brush

Stella Kae Before Applying Makeupauthor Stella Kae before applying makeup

Before I began this tutorial, I moisturized my lips and entire face, curled lashes, applied foundation with my beauty blender, set my face with powder, and contoured using bronzer and a very fluffy (to avoid streaking) powder brush.


Use brow grooming tool to brush brow hairs into place. Then use hard angled brush to apply shadow to brow using short, soft upward strokes. After that, use a soft shadow brush to fluff shadow onto eyelids using quick circular motions. Blend brows and lids well using either blending brush or fingers.   


Step 2: CHEEKS

Apply blush to cheekbones, working back towards hairline, using soft, quick, circular motions. Avoid getting blush on the ‘apples’ of cheeks. Blend using fingers.


Step 3: LIPS

Chanel red lips

Use lip brush and lipstick to carefully line and fill in the lips. Open mouth slightly and begin at the corner where lips meet, working in slowly towards Cupid’s bow. Blot with tissue. Then repeat this process using liner. Yes, that’s right; for this look it’s lipstick first, then lipliner. Use brush to blend lipstick and liner together, avoiding edges–we want to keep those precise. Blot again, very carefully. Use concealer pencil around edges to clean up any mistakes on the lip-line.

Red lips…viola!


Step 4 (optional): HAIR

To complete this look, you can apply a pea-size amount of product through hair and blow-dry while running fingers through it. Then just tousle, spray and go…it’s Courtney Love-meets-Mademoiselle Chanel!

Chanel red lips


STELLA KAE is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist working in fashion, advertising, and entertainment. Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair Italy, WWD, POP, People, InStyle (CZ), Hint Mag, and Fashion Week Daily–to name only a few. 


If you have beauty questions or a runway look you’d like to see a tutorial on, please email [email protected]