How to Hot Roll Your Hair

Dita Von Teese waves

As much as we love adding glamorous new regimens to our daily beauty routines, we know that the best way to get the looks we’re after is by using classic tools. Case in point: hot rollers. They are ideal for creating feisty curls, soft feminine waves, or just a clean blow-out look. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your hot rollers.

Hot Roller

When to use themHot Roller

Hot rollers work best on hair that hasn’t been recently washed, as the natural oils in your hair help hold the waves. Apply rollers between washes.

What to use

The best type of hot roller will have a spongy, or soft lining. Before you begin, make sure the hot rollers are as hot as they can be, then split your hair into three parts: the right, the left, and the middle.

How to put them in

Start with hot rollers at the bang or front of your hair. The front and the crown of the head play the most important role in voluptuous waves, so pay the most attention to those spots. Place the biggest roller behind a strip of hair, twist the ends around the curler, then roll it from the top down toward your head. After you’ve clipped them in place, repeat the step until you have a mohawk-like trail of hot rollers down your head. The biggest curlers should always be at the top, and the smaller ones should be placed at the bottom.

Dita Von TeeseFor the Blow Out Look

Wait about 15 minutes for a curler to cool and then unwrap it from the hair.  You can reuse that curler for other parts of your hair. Run a fine-tooth comb through your locks, and add a little hair spray to keep it looking fabulous all day long.

For Sharp Curls

Continue to apply the hot rollers around your head, from ear to ear, making sure the curlers stay vertical. When you reach the wispy pieces at the base of your head, loosely roll them up with the smallest curlers, but not too tightly. Spray your head with hair spray, and remove only when the rollers are completely cool.

For Voluminous Waves

If the curls are a bit too much, lightly brush your hair out. This will help loosen up the curls, leaving you with a natural looking wave. It can take a bit of practice to get the hot rollers to work perfectly, but patience and practice are key– this tool will have you red-carpet chic in no time!