Mama Mio Co-Founder Tanya Kazeminy Mackay: a tFS Exclusive Interview

Mama Mio interview

Now that we are a week into 2011, it’s time to honor those resolutions and decrease our calorie intake from the fatty foods and refined sugar that define the holidays. Maximize your likelihood of success by avoiding the all-or-nothing route, and gradually easing into a healthier routine.  Don’t worry, Mama Mio is here to help; their Bootcamp Kits combine targeted beauty products – think Tummy Toner, Boob Tube, and Get Waisted – with short exercise tips. We spoke to Mama Mio co-founder Tanya Kazeminy Mackay about how these kits came about, what we can do to fight post-holiday stress, and more.

Tanya Kazeminy Mackay

The Fashion Spot: How did the idea for your Bootcamp kits come about? 

Tanya Kazeminy Mackay: For years, we’ve heard women telling us about their body roadblocks – if only my boobs, butt, or tummy were better, I would feel comfortable with my body. Since we are on a mission to help women feel more confident in their skin, the idea of Bootcamp came about as our answer to busting through these roadblocks. Our skincare lifts, tightens and tones the skin, and as women who’ve worked out a glute or two, we knew that targeted toning exercises would lift, tighten, and tone the muscles underneath, for an achievable double whammy in a short amount of time. We know your attention span!

shrink to fittFS: How do you make sure that people don’t see some of your toning products as quick-fix solution, but rather as something to complement healthy diet and exercise? 

TKM: Many women shop for toning and weight loss products, especially cellulite products, as a "distress" purchase – Yikes! Holiday in 2 weeks? I need to completely make myself over! We’ve all felt the pressure and the mild panic as the big kaftan reveal moment approaches, but we are in constant dialog with our fans, whether via our email newsletters, our website, our customer service queries, etc., promising great results, but never miracles. You’ll also find a load of information right on our packs that expressly state that our products are about commitment – we are not a one-night stand! Treat us right, use us as directed (usually for at least 30 days), and you will thank us as your skin glows with health and confidence, and yes, even less noticeable cellulite. Through these various communication channels, we encourage a skincare routine that includes the whole body on a regular basis.  

tFS: What’s your favorite product in the Mama Mio line? 

TKM: It’s very hard to pick just one. OMega Body Buff is my thrice-weekly fix for wickedly soft skin on my face and body. OMega Body Oil keeps my skin juicy, soft, and moisturized year round.

Omega shower cream and products

tFS: Post-holiday time can be very stressful.  Are there any great products or tips you have to help with that? 

TKM: Embrace the chaos. Grab a work-out – even a brisk walk to clear your head – the time alone is a savior! For products, if you have the luxury of 15 minutes in your bathroom, take a hot bath with our OMega Shower Cream and light our Gravida Candle, the fragrance is super calming.

tFS: Can you give us a sneak peak at any new Mama Mio products in the pipeline? 

TKM: We have a huge launch coming in March – stay tuned!

Clinique masquaratFS: Are there any other skincare or cosmetic brands, aside from your own, that you use on a regular basis? 

TKM: I do love a bit of Dr. Haushka and I swear by Clinique mascara.

tFS: What’s the first skincare product that you ever bought? 

TKM: Clinique moisturizer when I was 14.

tFS: What products do you never leave home without? 

TKM: Our O-Mega Wonder-Full Balm.  I take it out of my bag 10 times a day and use it on my lips, cuticles, elbows, heels – even on my kids’ scrapes.