10 Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

Walking into a Sephora or a Barneys makeup department can leave many of us feeling like kids in a candy store – unfortunately it’s quite the pricey candy store. While we all have varying beauty issues that make us splurge on one product over another, there are a few drugstore finds that are better than their expensive counterparts. Here are some of the best.

Drugstore beauty standouts

1. Gillette’s new refillable Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Razor (with two replacement cartridges, $9.79)

For those who shave on a daily or near-daily basis, this is the optimal razor to keep skin smooth. Two shave gel bars are formulated with a triple blend of body butters for high levels of moisturizing (particularly important in these dry winter months).

2. Olay Body Age Defying Body Bar ($5.99 for four)

Just because a bar of soap costs $20 doesn’t mean it’s going to last you more than a few washes. While luxury soaps often come in fabulous packaging, more often than not, they fall apart after a few uses (especially if they’re organic). Olay’s body bars not only smell great, they’re long lasting.

3. eos Lip Balm Spheres ($3.29)

Nothing can top Blistex’s lip ointment when it comes to efficacy, but the packaging is too clinical to bear. Eos’ sleek spheres are an awesome alternative that not only don’t require sticking a finger into the treatment before it touches your lips, but they actually work when it comes to long-lasting, non-sticky hydration (plus, one of them is formulated with SPF).

4. Ahava Foot Indulgence Soft & Soothing Gift Set ($30)

One of the most efficient ways to multi-task pampering with chores.

5.  Anything from Vichy

People across Europe have been swearing by Vichy since the 1930s, and in the past few years. Americans have finally indulged in the wonders of this drugstore brand as well. Everything in the line is formulated with thermal spa water from the hot springs in Vichy, France and they’ve got products for nearly every skin type and concern you can think of.

6. Anything from La Roche-Posay

Just like Vichy, La Roche-Posay is finally getting the love it deserves stateside. The line is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and everything is backed by extensive research.

7. Yes to Carrots Shampoo ($7.99)

One of the only shampoos lining drug store aisles that won’t leave you feeling like you’re washing your hair with sudsy laundry detergent.

8. Clairol Perfect 10 ($9.99)

When all you need is a little touch-up to cover grays or sprouting roots, Perfect 10 is an easy no-mess solution.

9. Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes with Green Tea ($7.99)

Oddly enough, luxury towelettes can sometimes be dry and ineffective in getting rid of the day’s grime and makeup; Biore’s are always moist to smooth away dirt.

10. Olay Professional Pro-X Treatment System ($29.99) 

It’s hard to argue with a product that’s as effective as the Clarisonic and more than 80% less expensive.