Why Nails Are the Biggest Trend in Beauty

Chanel's Cult Nail Polish, Jade

From punk rock black to vampy red, the color on your nails can often speak louder than many other beauty choices. Fast fashion has made ready-to-wear clothing trends inescapable, so importance has been placed on beauty and accessories when it comes to creating a cohesive head-to-toe look. Everything from the color of your hair to the "it" shoes on your feet are reflective of the trend-centered society in which we live. 

Sally Singer's 3-D Nails

In an economic crisis, shoppers often flock to beauty products as a more affordable luxury. In the past, nail color was just another part of the beauty look on the runway, but recently, nail color has become a marketable and very saleable part of the collection. To wit, Chanel‘s seasonal lacquer collections are among the most coveted and typically sell out as soon as they are released.

Whether or not the varnish is designer or drugstore, the fascination with nails is just another step towards a complete personal style, all the way down to your fingertips. Sally Singer is famous for her dramatic and unorthodox nail treatments (above) that range from glittery gel French tips to 3-D sculptural designs. She once noted that ready-to-wear is becoming more minimal and nails are the perfect canvas for self-expression.

Chanel's Cult Nail Polish, Jade The 'Giles' Manicure by Sophy Robson

Left, Chanel’s cult nail polish, Jade; Right, the ‘Giles’ manicure by Sophy Robson

Specialty salons, such as Wah Nails in London or Valley in New York, have garnered respected reputations as innovators, with client lists to prove it, and editorial artists such as Sophy Robson have gained a cult like following. Runway collaborations and limited edition colors have simply fed the mania with everyone from Jason Wu to Justin Bieber releasing a nail varnish collaboration. Nail design is limitless, which makes it the perfect way to accent anyone’s personal style.