Spring Colors and Manicure Tricks with Nail Artist Amber Elizabeth Stores: a tFS Video Exclusive

Amber Elizabeth Stores by Tim GeaneyLast week at the Ford Beauty Suite, The Fashion Spot sat down with nail artist Amber Elizabeth Stores to talk nail colors for Spring and expert tricks for the at-home manicure.

Amber says that this season is seeing "a transition from shimmer and luminescent shades to chunky glitter," and because bold nails are one of this season's biggest trends, an emphasis on experimental nail art. "Nails are a great way to express your individuality, your different style, in a way that isn't permanent. Nails are unlike a tattoo, which is there forever, or a haircut, where you have to wait for it to grow out."

This Spring, polish is moving away from Fall's deeper blues toward lighter, more feminine pastels: "Pinks, yellows, purples. Anything light and bright, kind of Easter-y. Anything that reminds you of a botanical garden."

To get a sleek manicure at home, Amber suggests wiping your nail plate with acetone or alcohol to prep it for longer lasting color, and says that you can prevent chipping by painting just over the edge of your nail, which seals the polish.

Amber Elizabeth Store by Time Geaney

As a word of caution, Amber urges you to leave your cuticles alone: "Don't ever cut your cuticles, they're there for a reason. Your cuticles are there to protect you from germs. Cuticles are the main issue with most people, they're not happy with their cuticles because they're dry and brittle. And mostly, that's because they're overworked."

Watch the full interview below:

Photos by Tim Geaney