Eyebrow 101 with Expert Cande Micheo: A tFS Video

Cande Micheo at the Ford Artists Beauty SuiteAt the Ford Artists Beauty Suite, brow stylist Cande Micheo sat down with The Fashion Spot to offer some expert advice about the care and keeping of eyebrows.

Micheo says that getting the perfect brow is about "knowing what your shape is. There are never going to be two exactly alike, so go with the one you like the most and try to get the other one to become its twin."

Emphasizing that you should "take it easy with the tweezers," Micheo advises plucking "row by row. Look in the mirror and then pull away, so you get a far-away look and you really know how your shape is getting defined and sculpted."

If you do overpluck, Micheo has some suggestions for filling in your brows: "Do a little bit of pencil or shadow. Shadow tends to be a little softer and nicer. Try to go with the shade that's closest to your own hair color. If not, then just a little lighter, but not too dark. You don't want to have a mismatch between your hair and your eyebrows.

Photo by Tim Geaney

And don't forget, today's eyebrow look is thicker than it used to be, and Micheo thinks that a full brow will be the standard for a while. A thick eyebrow is "more natural and going fuller always keeps it more youthful. It means you don't have to tackle it every day and worry about it every day. When we get to that 5X mirror we can get a little too meticulous and crazy about it."

Watch the full interview below: