Oprah’s Hair Guru Andre Walker: A tFS Exclusive Interview

Oprah Winfrey is, hands down, the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry. With her new network OWN and her new show, Season 25, we get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dealings of life at Harpo. But what about that hair? Who tends to Winfrey's tresses show after show, appearance after appearance? Introducing Andre Walker, the man behind Oprah's mane. Recently, Andre launched his very own collection of hair products, and Oprah has personally endorsed the line, calling it "one of her favorite things."

I am thrilled to ask my three favorite beauty questions to Ms. Winfrey's personal hair guru, Andre Walker:

INDUSTRY BREAK: I had always played with hair as a kid growing up. I was fascinated by it. I started in the salon business in Chicago. Eventually, I reached out to Oprah and said I'm dying to get my hands in your hair someday. The rest is history.

Halle Berry's hair done by Andre Walker.


  1. Andre Walker Quench Essential Oil – It's everyone's favorite, and at the top of my list, too!  I knew what I wanted an oil to do, and worked the formulation until I got it. I love it on my hair, skin, everywhere.
  2. Andre Walker Hair Makeup – Covers roots in between salon visits!
  3. Elnett Hairspray – A beauty staple. Love it. 
  4. Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle – I covet all things that smell wonderful, work well, and feel good on the hair and skin.
  5. Dr. Sebagh’s Supreme Maintenance Serum – This miracle serum, with every anti-aging ingredient from A-Z, is the ultimate in luxury skincare.


FAVORITE LOOK YOU'VE CREATED: Two looks stand out. I love what I did with Halle Barry's pixie cut; it set off her face and has been a style she has kept for years, with tweaks from other stylists. It's like the "good bones" comment you always hear: a good haircut, structurally, can survive many trends and eras. For Oprah, it's definitely the shaggy layered cut, the look I did for her on her 50th birthday.