Estee Lauder Celebrates All Women with New Campaign

Idealist ad campaign

Estee Lauder hosted an event recently to unveil their latest campaign, Every Woman Can Be Beautiful. Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, Estee’s granddaughter and global creative director of the Lauder brand, introduced the campaign and a few videos documenting past Lauder campaigns, commercials that will air on TV, and a discussion about beauty among female leaders in various fields were shown. The most memorable quote came from Aerin who remarked in one of the videos that her grandmother always said, “there are no ugly women, just lazy women.” Of course this couldn’t have been more tailor made to suit a beauty brand, but nonetheless they're refreshing words of wisdom.

Photographed by Craig McDean, the new campaign is inspired by seventies and eighties Lauder ads and takes a multi-cultural approach by featuring current spokesmodels Hilary Rhoda, Liu Wen, Constance Jablonski, and Joan Smalls. With the philosophy that “every woman can be beautiful” (just as long as she's not lazy!), I was hoping Estee Lauder would go out on a limb and present un-Photoshopped advertisements to truly hit their message home, but alas this is a still a welcome first step.

The new images, which will start appearing in June, were presented in tandem with the unveiling of the brand's newest innovations from their Idealist line: Even Skintone Illuminator and Cooling Eye Illuminator. The Illuminator addresses redness, discoloration, acne scars, and other skin issues that the Lauder research team found were present in all ethnicities. Results, according to their tests, were seen in two weeks. The Cooling Eye Illuminator is intended to address dark circles and puffiness and there too, results were seen in just two weeks. Both products will hit beauty counters June 2011.