Spring 2011 Beauty Trends from Chanel Makeup Confidential

Chanel Beauty

It’s a well-known fact that in tough times, shopaholics turn to beauty products to get their luxury fill without breaking the bank. As a self-proclaimed nail polish addict, there are few things that get me as excited as the release of a new color, and recently those colors have been coming from Chanel.

Chanel Makeup Confidential

Since 1994 when the famed French fashion house released Vamp, to great praise and success, they have instigated most of the major nail trends in fashion. Few will forget the hysteria that came after the Fall 2009 collection when they debuted Jade, and similarly colors such as Rouge Noir and Kaleidoscope have become hot items online as fans rush to get the last bottle.

The market for limited edition beauty products has grown exponentially in the past few years with collaborations such as Lancome with Chirs Benz and CND with Jason Wu, and it wouldn't be a far reach to credit Chanel with the sudden trendiness of limited edition products. The hype surrounding this season's hottest color, Black Pearl, already has shoppers lining up to be the first with the polish. To aid the hysteria surrounding the release of the brand's newest color palette, they have launched Chanel Makeup Confidential, a site that provides an insiders look at the creation of Chanel’s beauty range.

Black Pearl Nail VarnishPeter Philips

The interactive site links directly back to the main shopping page where you can buy the products seen but also features exclusive video content, backstage beauty looks, a how-to for this season’s must-have look, an interview with tastemaker Peter Philips, the Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, and an insight into the weird and wonderful world of Chanel beauty. Antwerp-born Philips is widely regarded as the trend maker for modern beauty products and thanks to him we'll all be shimmering this spring.

Curious as to what we’ll all be wearing this season? It’s pearls. From luminescent cream eye shadows to opalescent nails, a subtle glow emulates from all of Chanel’s Spring beauty.

Photos: Chanel Makeup Confidential