Fake Bake with Spring’s Best Bronzers and Sunless Tanners

bronze goddess Estee Lauder campaign

Though it should be taken with a grain of salt, when tanorexic Snookie claims she no longer uses tanning beds, it’s clear that we finally seem to be moving past the social acceptance of baking out in the sun or in a tanning salon. Just because we’re protecting our skin from the sun’s deadly rays, however, doesn’t mean we can’t show off a caramel tint.

When it comes to faking it, women have the art down pat. Here are some of the season’s best sprays, powders, mousses, creams, and gels to safely tan even the palest of bodies.

sunless tanners

1. St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, $30

2. Sensai Cellular Performance Hydrachange Tinted Gel Cream, $75

3. LORAC Bronzing Powder, $28

4. Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Powder & Refill in Bronze, $65

5. Jane Iredale So Bronze, $41

6. Lancome Flash Bronzer Body Gel, $34.50

7. Temptu Air Bod Bronzer, $35 (this pod is part of the Temptu at-home airbrushing system, which you’ll need to buy in order to use the pod).

8. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day, $10. 79

9. Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning, $32.50

10. Guerlain Terracotta Spray SPF 10, $59

11. Estee Lauder Soft Shimmer Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer, $30

12. Givenchy Le Prismissime Sun Visage Mat & Glow Soft Compact Face Powder, $53