Celebrity Makeup Artist Marina Gravani: A tFS Interview

Makeup done by Marina Gravani.Marina Gravani is a makeup artist who can both glam it up and keep it natural. She's worked with everyone from Mick Jagger to Nikki Reed and Lea Michele. She's done editorial, television, and red carpet work, and is only just beginning to make an impression on the industry. Her talent, however, has not gone unnoticed! In her formative years, Marina studied under Laura Mercier, before branching out to become one of the most sought after makeup artists in Hollywood. Below, we ask Marina our three favorite beauty questions:

INDUSTRY BREAK: I broke into the beauty industry when I was just starting college, and I interviewed with Nordstrom for a job in cosmetics. I had always loved doing my makeup, and I was the one in high school who got all my friends ready for their big moments. It came very naturally to me and seemed like a job I would like. I soon realized how much I enjoyed transforming people, and how good it felt for me to see a smiling face when I was finished. This was where the fuel hit the fire, so to speak.


Makeup done by Marina Gravani


1. Laura Mercier Contrast – It is no longer made, so it has become one of those items that you dread to see the bottom of. It is a cream-textured contour that is so amazing for small tricks in the eye area.

2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage – For covering imperfections.

3. Cake Liner – For making an incognito line in the lashes.

4. Sally Hansen by Carmindy Cream Bronzers – These bronzers are sheer and give a boost of color and shading before ever putting on powder. The less powder, the less cakey. I'm all for a glow!

5. Givenchy Loose Powder Bronzer – It goes on so soft and sheer that it gives a gorgeous finish while adding color.


FAVORITE LOOK: I don’t have a favorite red carpet look, but I do love the color of the red lip I did on Heather Morris recently. I love a bright lip to add a pop to a fresh look!