La Mer Teams Up With Soundwalk for World Oceans Day

La Mer

La Mer Limited Edition

If it weren’t for La Mer I wouldn’t even know what World Oceans Day is, which is somewhat fitting since the brand's bread and better – the La Mer Creme de la Mer – is made with fermented kelp. Celebrated every year on June 8, World Oceans Day was conceived as a way to honor the world's oceans and the products that it provides. In light of the annual celebration, which has taken place since 1992, La Mer announced that it will be launching Seven Sea Sound Mix by Soundwalk, an international collective known for its audio city tours — of course, this required a cocktail event.

The brand held an event on the far West reaches of Manhattan to debut their ocean soundtracks and to present a check to Oceana, the world’s largest international ocean advocacy organization and one that La Mer has partnered with for the past six years. While I have to admit I would have been more excited if the event showcased the limited-edition commemorative jar of La Mer’s signature creme (also created for the annual occasion, all proceeds go to Oceana), it certainly was serene to finish my day surrounded by flat screens with calming visuals, while the Seven Seas Sound Mix that Soundwalk created, played in the background.

The soundtrack is an audio tour of seven different bodies of water, each of which is narrated by a notable ocean-conscious talent: sailor Samantha Davies, environmentalist David De Rothschild, actress Melanie Laurent, actress Rinko Kikuchi, actor Liu Ye, World champion free diver Guillaume Nery, and my personal favorite, architect Philippe Starck. All seven installments will be available on iTunes on June 8 for both iPhone and iPad.