Pat McGrath, LeSportsac, and CoverGirl Limited Edition Collection


Pat McGrath/LeSportSac

I get a lot of my beauty products at drugstores, but lipsticks aren't typically one of them. CoverGirl’s LipPerfection formulation is hydrating and the packaging is at once lightweight and sleek, making it a worthy option — and there’s no denying that for $6.50 you’re getting major bang for your buck. CoverGirl just launched 44 new Pat McGrath-designed lipstick shades along with a collaboration with LeSportsac, for the second year in a row, for an eight piece pro-inspired cosmetic bag collection.

The first collection, which came out in June 2010, was inspired by CoverGirl’s LashBlast Length Mascara, so it’s only fitting that this year’s muse would be the new lipcolors. It’s hard to be original these days when it comes to limited edition collaborations, but bags inspired by color schemes of beauty products is pretty high up on the original concept list.

Pat McGrath/LeSportSac

McGrath, the makeup artist behind the runway looks seen at Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Prada, and literally countless others, travels all around the world to work on celebrity and fashion shoots (with over 75 suitcases of makeup every season!), so she’s a good person to turn to for organizational know-how.

CoverGirl and LeSportsac hosted an event to kick off the launch of her collection in the Mondrian Hotel penthouse and McGrath was there, all smiles, casual in an all-black ensemble, to show off her eight piece collection. I’ve met McGrath on a few occasions and she's so friendly you’d never believe she was such a power player in the notoriously cut-throat fashion/beauty industry. When the beauty maven walked in, a harem of models in tow, one of the first things she did was reach for one of the diminutive cupcakes set up on a table because, according to her, they have to be good since they’ve been emblazoned with her name. I for one can’t blame her as the first thing I did when walking into the party was head for the food table which, in keeping with the kissable lips theme of the event, was pink and red. Guests were also treated to crimson red cherry frozen ices and kiss-themed cocktails.

Pat McGrath/LeSportSac

As for the bags, the styles range in size from the small "Kiss Case" ($25), designed to hold five lipstick shades, to the large "Professional Carry All" tote ($120) that can fit the seven other pieces of the collection for convenient, pro-inspired makeup travel. Each bag has been produced with a "Pat McGrath for LeSportsac" label sewn into the lining and a detachable CoverGirl hangtag featuring custom beauty looks and application tips from McGrath.

Starting this month, you can get the collection at LeSportsac boutiques and on A coupon for LipPerfection lipcolor comes with each purchase.