Anne Hathaway: Beauty Look of the Week

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway

Who: Anne Hathaway

Where: The White Fairy Tale Love Ball

Why we like it: It is rare for Anne to have a red carpet miss, and her team went above and beyond with this look, but what is most impressive is the restraint shown in her hair styling. The effect of her ethereal dress could have been lost due to her somewhat heavy makeup, and the look could have easily looked overworked if her hair had been slicked back or even in a classic blowout, but this halo effect with soft curls and lots of texture brings the soft angelic quality of her styling together with her heavily lined eyes and ruby pout. 

How to get it at home: While we can't all afford the luxury of a Stephen Jones floral tiara to top off our looks, this is a style that can easily be adapted to suit your budget and occasion. To get Anne's stellar hairstyle, start by drying your hair as usual and applying a serum such as Sultra's Heat Safe With Thermastress Complex Protective Spray $18 to protect your hair from any damaging heat. Next, separate your hair into 1" sections and curl with a 1"-1.5" barrel curling iron such as T3's Singlepass Twirl 1.25" Curling Iron $99 and curl your whole head. Don't worry if you think it looks too stiff or too curly, you'll be combing them out later.

Once you've finished curling, gently brush out the curls for a more relaxed look but if you want your hair more curly than Anne's, only use your fingers as they will not disrupt the shape of the curl as much. Once you're satisfied with your waves, apply a flexible but firm hold hairspray such as Bumble and bumble's Classic Hairspray $12. When you're done, a few carefully placed braids or bobby pins could give you the same halo effect without the drama of the tiara. 

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