Beauty Review: Stars of Harry Potter on the Red Carpet

We love a good red carpet event in the middle of the year, especially when it’s to celebrate something as epic as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, it was hard to escape the movie madness that sold a record-breaking $170 million in tickets. But the fun all began at the premiere in London last week. Starlets like Emma Watson and Clémence Poésy dressed their best and kept their makeup looking fresh, but needless to say, some were a little more magical than others. Check out the best (and worst) beauty looks the leading ladies wore at the premiere.

Emma Watson – Five Stars

Emma Watson Harry Potter premiere

We’ll start with the female star of the show (and the red carpet!). The ever-so-fashionable Emma Watson looked nothing short of spectacular, allowing her dress to steal the spotlight and her makeup to enhance her best features. Watson kept it simple, donning a nude lip and focusing on her eye makeup. She dusted a light bronze shadow up to her brow bone, lined her lids with a thin, gold pencil, then topped it off with a dash of mascara to boost her naturally long lashes. We give her two thumbs up!

Helena Bonham Carter – One Star

Helena Bonham Carter Harry Potter premiere

Helena Bonham Carter was terrific as the terrifying Bellatrix Lestrange, but we wish she’d left the theatrics behind when it came to her movie premiere makeup. It was hard to see past the giant pink flower on her head, but when we did, we saw too much rosy pink eye shadow and lipstick that went beyond her lip line. We appreciate the forest green liner that matched her dress, but with all the extra colors on her face, the look just didn’t work.

J.K. Rowling – Four Stars

J K Rowling Harry Potter premiere

The whole red carpet event wouldn’t have been possible without J.K. Rowling, so perhaps we’re a bit biased, but we couldn’t help but love her makeup look. The fiction mastermind rocked a shimmery beige on her lids and blended it into a dark pink shadow that reached her brow bones. Usually we recommend using darker colors at the base of your lid, getting lighter as you work your way up, but she managed to make it work in reverse.

Clémence Poésy – Four Stars

Clemence Poesy Harry Potter premiere

Clémence Poésy caught our attention when she made her American TV debut on Gossip Girl last season playing Chuck Bass’ love interest, but she sparkled even more at the Harry Potter premiere. The Parisienne kept her look very simple, skipping the elaborate hairdo and excessive jewelry. We loved the way she put a twist on the smoky eye, using orange shadows on her lids and beneath her lower lash lines. She finished the look with a pretty pink pout and a hint of bronzer on her cheekbones. Très chic!

Bonnie Francesca Wright – Two Stars        

Bonnie Wright Harry Potter premiere

Although nothing obviously failed with Bonnie Francesca Wright’s makeup look, we weren’t crazy about it. Words like “boring” and “old” kept springing to mind— we longed to see something a little bolder on the 20-year-old actress. Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley in the new movie, wore a plain, winter-y dress with lots of potential to play with her makeup. Props to her for rocking red nails, but as for the barely-there lip color and eye shadow, we have only one word: yawn.