Beauty Products Good Enough to Eat

They say that smell is our strongest sense, that it brings back the most vivid memories, attracts us to things we can’t see, and has the potential to completely change an atmosphere. Since most of our much loved aromas come from favorite foods, we decided to put together a list of beauty products that smell good enough to eat. Sure, everyone’s taste is different, and although we highly recommend skipping fragrances that smell like meat, barbecue or anything else meaty, we know there are a few edible items out there that we really would like to smell like.

good enough to eat

Philosophy Crispy Marshmallow Bars Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath (in one) $16

Nothing brings back happy childhood memories like the smell of s’mores, which is exactly what this Philosophy product smells like. We were hesitant at first, but this formula actually smells delicious and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent comes off strong in the shower, but fades quickly as the day wears on, leaving a faint, sweet smell of marshmallows.

Demeter Ginger Cookie Cologne Spray ($20) 

Although it is more of a Fall-friendly fragrance, we couldn’t help but adore this ginger cookie perfume. The product is part of Demeter’s Sweet Delight’s collection, and is easily the most mouth-watering of all their pastry-inspired perfumes. More ginger-y than sweet, this fragrance feels feminine and very sexy. Just in case you want the real smell in your home as well, they’ve provided a gingerbread cookie recipe on the front of the bottle.

Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine – Spearmint No. 1191 ($7.50) 

If your lips have never been lavished in Bigelow’s mint lip-glosses, you’re missing out. Big time. This refreshing product, available in a variety of mint-y flavors, cools lips leaving them moisturized, glossy and ready to go. As a sheer color, we like this gloss over other lipsticks first thing in the morning, not to mention its ability to overpower coffee breath!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter ($18) 

Coconut is a relatively common food found in beauty products, but that’s because it is such a multi-functional natural treat. The Body Shop, well known for its delicious body butters, makes a rich, heavy coconut body cream that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated for more than 24-hours. The natural oil in coconut is just one ingredient that makes this product thick and ideal for super dry skin. We like to let it dry before we put our clothes on, but the aroma you’re left with is warming and delicious. No perfume needed!

Lush Okra Conditioner ($27) 

We love a little okra in our spicy Indian dishes, but in our beauty products? Let’s just say we were pleasantly surprised. This hair conditioner is a very savory, earthy smelling product ideal for the more adventurous beauty buyers. According to Lush, the nutrients in the okra vegetable are ideal for extremely damaged hair (read: frizzy and over-colored). Try replacing your regular hair mask treatment with this product and use minimally for grease-free, shiny hair results.