Hair Stylist Edward Tricomi: A tFS Interview

Edward Tricomi

Edward TricomiEdward Tricomi is one half of the powerhouse hair duo, Warren-Tricomi. With salons in New York, Miami, LA, and Connecticut, Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren have changed the luxury hair experience. While Joel is the colorist and Edward the stylist, together they have created the first colorist-stylist haircare line, Warren-Tricomi Haircare. 

We caught up with Edward (stylist to Molly Simms and Janice Dickinson) and asked him our 3 favorite beauty-related questions:

INDUSTRY BREAK: I was a musician and I needed a spare job so my sister suggested that I could do hair part time and still be able to practice music. My cousin was a hairdresser and he was dating the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, so I realized that there was something to this idea. I started working at a trendy salon in the city, everyone who was anyone got their hair cut there. My career exploded when I was living with Janice Dickinson who introduced me to Polly Mellen. I cut Polly’s hair and the next day I was booked for a shoot at Vogue with Irving Penn. This was 1972. The rest is history…



1. Warren-Tricomi Hairspray – I hate to say this but Warren-Tricomi’s hairspray really is the best (all Warren-Tricomi products are currently being repackaged so they are not available at this time) because it is able to hold hair in a style without giving the hair unnecessary weight. It is flexible and hairspray is definitely my most necessary tool.

2. Kerastase Serum Oleo Relax – Provides shine and keeps the hair healthy even when it is styled with hot tools.

3. L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Color Show Define Wax – I like L’Oreal Professional, it allows you to do different things that probably wouldn’t be possible without it.

4. L'Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Fixatif Superior Hold Gel – Gel is great for wet looking hairstyles, which I am seeing a lot of lately and really liking.

5. Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier Thickening Lift Spray – Who doesn’t need extra volume?


FAVORITE LOOK YOU'VE CREATED: My favorite looks are definitely the asymmetrical cuts that I’ve done over the years because not only do they allow me to be creative and different but they show my talent and aesthetic. Another look I created that I really loved was finger waves sprayed with gold spray and sparkles. It was totally not realistic for everyday but so much fun to create.