How to Rock (and Ruin!) Pearls and Headbands

Mila Kunis

Last week we began tackling some big beauty questions, namely whether or not hair accessories can work and if so, how to use them tastefully. When it comes to flowers, we recommended keeping them toward the back of your head; on the subject of hair sequins we suggested using hair clips covered in sparkle; but for hair feathers? The jury’s still out (check out how “How to Rock (and Ruin!) Hair Accessories” to join the great feather debate).

This week we take a look at celebs spotted wearing headbands and hair pearls. Do you think they rocked it?

The Headband

Mila KunisMischa Barton

From Blaire Waldorf to Nicole Richie, headbands in various shapes and sizes have melted the hearts of so many women. It’s hard to botch a headband, but we really loved what Mila Kunis did with her hair at the Moscow Friends with Benefits premiere. The actress wore a punk-y headband made of three silver chains, balancing out her ballerina-eque outfit perfectly.

On the other hand, Mischa Barton, who wears hippy headbands as part of her signature look, managed to ruin her outfit. She simply overdid it at a recent red carpet event it, with an overly chunky purple headband to match her grey dress.

The Verdict: Headbands work on just about everyone; it’s just a matter of choosing the one that flatters your ’do the most. We suggest keeping headbands thin, on top of your head as opposed to your forehead, and choosing bands bold enough to be a sexy accessory (not an addition to a schoolgirl’s uniform).

The Pearl

Adrienne Bailon

Pearls in your hair aren’t just for brides anymore; these classic beads have a way of adding a really spicy, feminine addition to most updos. Adrienne Bailon kept it classy by wrapping a plain pearl beaded necklace around her messy-chic ’do—hello Greek goddess! The ever-so-stunning Eva Longoria went in a different direction, wearing pearls alongside rhinestones in her small hair comb. The combination of sparkle and pearl worked on her, but that’s probably only because she’s, well, Eva Longoria and she can look good in anything.

The Verdict: Pearls are timeless regardless of how you wear them and have a way of making you feel like Audrey Hepburn in no time. We prefer allowing pearls to sit alone in your hair: let their elegant simplicity do the talking and don’t overdo it by adding rhinestones.