Celebrity Makeup Artist Tina Turnbow: A tFS Interview

Makeup artist Tina Turnbow has worked with a slew of glossies, television shows, and celebrities. Most recently she's working with Brooke Shields while the actress is on Broadway, and Turnbow also pens a beauty and style column for The New York Times T Magazine. We spoke to Turnbow about her favorite beauty products, Fall 2011 trends, and more.

The Fashion Spot: How is working with models different than working with celebrities on a shoot?

Tina Turnbow: Working with models is all about creating and using their face and body as a canvas. With celebrities, it’s about making them feel beautiful and comfortable; working with them and their preferences on how they like to look – letting them put their best foot forward and bringing out their positives to help them shine like a star!

tFS: What are some of your go-to brands and products?

TT: My go-to products are:

tFS: What are your favorite drugstore beauty finds?

TT: My favorite drugstore products are: 

tFS: If we can only splurge on one item, what do you suggest it be and why?

TT: I always say splurge on skincare! Especially if you want a modern fresh face…your skin is the star of the show. Makeup is used to enhance, not cover or mask, at least that is when it looks most natural and pretty to me.

tFS: We hear so much about Parabens and that we should avoid them. What's the real deal?

TT: Parabens were found in the breast tissue of women who had breast cancer—that is how it all began. Any chemical or toxin in a product when used on a regular basis eventually will find its way through your pores into the body—not good.

tFS: What were some of your favorite fall beauty trends?

TT: My favorite fall trends are deep rich wine-toned lips, a fuller brow, and jewel-toned or metallic smoky eyes.

tFS: How should we approach our fall makeup look differently from our summer makeup look?

TT: Fall makeup is richer in color and the skin is more matte and fair. You can layer, just like clothes.

tFS: Have you come across any particularly innovative beauty gadgets that you can share with us?

TT: I had a LED treatment at The Kate Somerville spa Trump SoHo—love that treatment. They added a new treatment with a gadget by NuFace, which you can do at home. It stimulates muscles and firms instantly.

tFS: What has your most memorable work experience been?

TT: As of late, working with Brooke Shields while she is on Broadway has been a fantastic experience—she is truly special.

tFS: What do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist?

TT: Some of the keys to being successful are to stick to it, love it, find great products, and treat your client like you would like to be treated.

tFS: What makeup do you wear day to day?

TT: Day to day, I wear Chantecaille tinted moisture or Boscia BB cream, MineralFusion concealer, and Tarte Smart Mascara. I love eyeliner especially navy—Make Up For Ever just came out with some Kohl pencils, the Night Blue is dreamy.

tFS: Favorite makeup tip?

TT: My favorite makeup tip is to prep and moisturize the skin first—get the blood flowing and the skin glowing before applying any makeup. When applying makeup, blend well and use fingertips when possible.