Contenders for the Next Legendary Fragrance

The fragrance industry is unique. Some women jump from scent to scent with each season and others wear the same fragrance for years. In spite of the massive market and increasing celebrity presence in fragrances, Chanel No. 5 has stood the test of time and become a legendary icon in the industry. Christian Dior once said that "a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting," and since 1921, Chanel No. 5 has typified luxury; unfortunately, No. 5's reign is coming to an end. While the bottle and name have held as cult items, most young people have either never actually smelled it or have decided it’s too strong for actual use. It’s a product that young women rarely use. Marketed as the be all and end all of fragrances, most women agree that it’s a very strong scent that’s hard to wear during the day. With that, I think it’s time to usher in a new must-have women’s fragrance for the younger set. Here are some of the contenders that could steal the crown from No. 5 after a lengthy reign. 

Marc Jacobs DaisyBurberry Body


Burberry Body

Anyone who uses the Internet has heard of Burberry’s new fragrance, Body. Campaign starlet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s nearly naked body has been splashed across billboards and moving advertisements worldwide, but does the scent really hold up? It's light and versatile with both fruity and floral notes. What makes Body the leading contender is its huge marketing buy. What has given Chanel No. 5 staying power is the constant influx of star-studded advertisements and fanciful campaigns. If Burberry keeps it up, Body could be one for the perfume history books. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Another problem with No. 5 is its older target market. Young girls aren’t looking for a legendary fragrance, they want a brand they can relate to, a brand they could possibly buy in the near future. Marc Jacobs has the universal girl appeal that others are missing. Women know the brand, they like the figurehead, and there’s that cool factor that can’t be beat. Coco MademoiselleTom Ford


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Often said to be No. 5’s baby sister, Mademoiselle is a much lighter, sweeter fragrance. While it’s targeted to younger customers, the scent has mass-market appeal as it is balanced and leaves a lasting, fresh scent. Mademoiselle also has the star power that No. 5 once had with the lengthy video advertisements, huge marketing budget, and celebrity spokeswomen. 

Tom Ford Black Orchid

This isn’t so much about the fragrance, though it’s a wonderfully heady scent, but the man himself. With any product developed by Tom Ford comes an air of drama and that glamorous quality women associate with both the man, and the brand.

Time will only tell if any of these have what it takes to fill No. 5's shoes.