Celebrity Hair Stylist Erin Anderson: A tFS Exclusive

Matt Bomer Summer CrushImagine being around handsome actors all day long. Now imagine getting paid for it. Ah, a girl can dream. Erin Anderson has found her niche styling the hair for studs like Dominic Cooper, Peter Sarsgaard, Alex Pettyfer, Neil Patrick Harris and Kevin Bacon. As the co-founder of Brooklyn's Woodley & Bunny Salon and Apothecary, Erin gets to immerse herself in beauty products all day long!

Here, I ask Erin my favorite beauty questions. Pay close attention to her answers, she's quite the beauty diva!

INDUSTRY BREAK: I am fortunate enough to have had mulitple industry breaks but probably my most significant break is meeting and working with Eugene Soulieman. I met him initially at the Paris fashion shows over ten years ago when I was invited to work with him. Since that time and because of him, I've been exposed to the best in the business which opened my experience to runway and editorial — working with top photographers, a great clientele, and celebrities.

Ellis Faas Concealer and Foundation

 PERFECT coverage, AMAZING glow and good multi-taskers. $40 at

Andy Tauer # 3 from the Pentachord Collection

Fragrance is very personal to me. Im very sensitive to smell. Andy Tauer nails it with his sexy bold scents. Both men AND women can wear his fragrances.

BRAD Ultra Peel

The closest "at home" treatment I have ever used. Yes, a slight tingle that makes you want to rip your face off (I¹m being dramatic, LOL) but hold on a few more minutes and it goes away. Only to have you wake up with about 10 years off your face. I use BRAD Ultra Peel in conjunction with a BRAD Elixer and the BRAD Ultra Elastin Cream. Genius. $175 at

SACHAJUAN Straight & Shine Spray

 If I don't have it, I won¹t wash my hair. I use it liberally when my hair is almost dry, then again before I flatiron. It brings a ton of shine (bringing out my blonde hair), provides heat protection and smooths and seals flyways or frizz. $30 at

Crest 3D White 2-Hour Whitening Strips

Beats paying the dentist a fortune. Also great on flights! $20.49 at


FAVORITE LOOK: My favorite look is the one I did for Flair Italia Magazine with Michelle Boswell (below). I just think it is sexy. I love the total look, not just the hair but the style is strong yet feminine.

Michelle Flair

BEST BEAUTY SECRET: Wash your face at night. Seriously.