Tips and Tricks for Flawless Skin: Listen to Your Face


Caring for your skin in the winter requires patience and a keen eye. The most important and effective tip for achieving and maintaining flawless skin in the winter is to listen to your skin. It will be clear if the texture is changing or if you’re about to experience other problems, so learning to anticipate them can be key. Even women with very stable skin can find themselves with dry patches, acne, and redness due to inclement weather. If you’re staying somewhere warm, or headed on vacation, you may also notice changes in the texture of your skin. This can affect not only your skincare routine but also the application of your makeup. Having a solid base is the easiest and most reliable way to maintain flawless looking skin.

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Take note of any changes, whether they be textural or visible dark circles, and adjust your makeup routine accordingly. Don’t be afraid to spot treat for problems other than acne. Many women assume that products with skincare benefits are good for all over the skin but if you apply a heavy moisturizer to an area that doesn’t need it, you may end up with more problems. Learn your skin before you treat it and remember your environment. It’s not just temperature and wind that can damage your skin, humidity and indoor heating can be key factors in identifying and treating your winter skin problems.

Chapped lips and rough patches are common winter skin ailments and can be treated separately from the rest of your skin. Moisture is key when applying makeup in the winter but moisturizers and foundations don’t always mix. Applying an incompatible foundation over your moisturizer can result in the product pulling away from the skin, not applying evenly, or even not applying at all. Alter your skincare routine at night to include a heavier night cream and find a primer that boasts moisturizing properties. This way, you’ll maintain the moisture level in your skin without ending up with uneven foundation. In the morning, look for a primer or BB cream that has SPF and moisturizing benefits that is both beneficial to your skin as well as conducive to even foundation application.

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