Tips and Tricks for Flawless-Looking Skin: A Healthy Winter Glow

Derek LamDonna Karan

Sometimes having flawless skin just isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you have flawless skin. There are tricks that you can use to add warmth and life to your skin even when it’s at its most volatile. Start by taking a good look at your skin when it’s bare and ready for makeup. Look for dark circles, red patches, dryness and blemishes. Also, look to see if your skin looks dull or oily; there are ways to hide all of these problems. 

If you’re experiencing redness, start your routine with a green-toned primer. This will do a lot of the work for you and help you when it comes concealing time. For everyone else, apply a primer suited to your skin type; if you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing variety, a mattifying formula for oily skin and an illuminating formula for everyone else. 

Next, apply your foundation with a tool suitable for your skin. If you have dry and scaly patches, you want to avoid brushing or buffing your skin too much as it can cause peeling, opt instead for using a sponge or your fingers. Blend your foundation well until you have a clean, even base then take a creamy, high coverage concealer and cover any blemishes or pigmentation. If you have extreme dark circles caused by visible blood vessels or pigmentation, apply some of this concealer here but remember to go back with a light-reflecting pen. Even if you’re blessed with dark circle-less skin, a light-reflecting concealer applied under the eyes can add radiance to your skin.

If you’re satisfied with your base, apply a silica powder for a clean and even finish. At this point, your skin is ready for contouring and highlighting, which will make all the difference. If you’re not comfortable contouring your face, apply a warm bronzer in the places where the sun would naturally hit your face. If you don’t know where that is, turn on an overhead light and look for where the light naturally catches on your face – forehead, tops of the cheeks, chin, and bridge of the nose. Highlighter is where this makeup look is made. Applying it with a brush or your fingers to the tops of your cheeks, your cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose, and your brow bone can give you a summer glow no matter the weather. A powdery finish looks unhealthy all year round but especially during the winter. 

Photos: IMAXtree