How to Wear (and Wreck!) Colorful Hair

Spring is just around the corner, which means we can (finally!) start playing with colors again. That said, the red carpet has been anything but void of color lately, especially in terms of beauty looks. Our latest fascination? Bright colored hair.

Selena Gomez,; Katy Perry,

At first glance, you may think that adding a hot pink streak to your hair Avril Lavigne-style is totally tasteless, but we're pleased to report that some celebs, like Dakota Fanning and Katy Perry, have actually managed to turn colorful hair dye into a trend we can work with. Our favorite so far is Selena Gomez, who rocked the look in West Hollywood recently when she showed off her new violet and blue hair extensions.

Here's what makes Gomez's hair work: it's subtle. The Disney actress went for dark blue and violet shades that complement her naturally dark hair, rather than overwhelming it with orange or pink. To keep it chic, she only used a handful of streaks underneath her hair, allowing them to peek out from her regular style.

Want to go for the Gomez look? Try Manic Panic Glam Strips ($6 at Ricky's): strips of colored synthetic hair that clip in easily underneath your own. Make sure to trim them to the length of your cut to avoid a rattail-like look.

Unfortunately, not all celebs we're as successful at Gomez when adding color to their locks. Kelly Osbourne—whom we generally recommend people don't take style tips from—created a major beauty mess with her newly died, old-lady purple hair.

For lighter hair colors, we recommend taking the Katy Perry route. The pop princess took it home with her new aqua blue 'do on the red carpet, much better than the bright blue wigs we've seen her in in the past.

We want to know what you think. Would you try bright colored hair?





Kelly Osbourne, Apega/