Get More Even-Toned Skin with Clinique’s Even Better Power Couple

Most of us need a little help to make our skin look great. When you achieve and maintain a more even skin tone, you discover a nice surprise: you may need less makeup. Most women think serums, especially ones targeting dark spots, are for aging skin; but many women could reap the benefits no matter their age. Clinique’s Power Couples pair potent skin care formulas with foundation, so you not only get immediate skin-perfecting, but also the care you need to improve your skin long-term. The Even Better Power Couple targets uneven skin tone — it helps to diminish the look of dark spots that may be lurking underneath your makeup.

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, $49.50, is a dermatologist-developed product that works to improve dark spots caused by age, sun damage, or acne. The Dark Spot corrector can not only help visibly improve spots such as these but also help to improve the overall tone of your skin. Often with dark marks on the skin, the only option is expensive prescription treatment, but in clinical trials, this product proved comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in visibly improving dark spots. 

When paired with the brand’s Even Better Makeup SPF 15, $26, the serum works to improve skin tone in just a few weeks. While many foundations work hard to make you look good with makeup on, Even Better Makeup makes you look better with your makeup off. This Power Couple works to not only cover your skin tone problems but also fix them. 

Don’t be put off by labels boasting spot correctors — you may need them more than you think.