How to Find the Right Hairbrush for You

For most women, a hairbrush is a hairbrush. A ton of money is spent on products and treatments but often what could really save you from a bad hair day is a new brush. The key factors for finding the right hairbrush for you are knowing your hair type and styling preferences. One brush does not fit all, and you might need two or three if you like to mix it up, but finding the right brush can not only help speed up your styling time but also help prevent damage. Here are the most common reasons women use hairbrushes and which ones work best.


The Right Hairbrush for Straightening

A large synthetic hairbrush, such as the Cricket Technique Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush $16.95, is perfect if you have thick or curly hair and blow-dry it straight. For women with long hair, a wider brush will do the job quicker than a smaller one. The wider the bristles, the straighter your hair gets. Look for a thermal brush if you want to really benefit from the heat of your blow-dryer but beware of using it with a very hot dryer. Normal or long hair can also benefit from a natural/synthetic mix.

The Right Hairbrush to Add Volume

Large Boar-bristle brushes, such as the Sephora Collection Boar Round Brush $29, are great for women with straight hair who are looking for volume with their blow-dry. The natural fibers are more flexible so will prevent damage for thin or flat hair. If you have wavy hair and are looking for volume, look for a vented brush, such as the Brush Lab Ceramic Curls $11.19, which will increase airflow around the hair.


The Right Hairbrush to Add Curl

If you’re looking to curl your bangs or the ends of your hair, opt for a small round thermal brush which will work with the heat of your dryer for a smooth, even curl, such as the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Hairbrush $12.76. Ventilated brushes also trap the heat so can make the curl stronger from the inside out. 

The Right Hairbrush to Smooth Hair

A paddle brush, such as the Sephora Collection version $29, works to smooth the hair by redistributing oils and promoting shine without making your hair poufy or frizzy.

The Right Hairbrush for Detangling

Working with wet hair is when you have to be most gentle. You hair is weaker when it’s wet so let it dry slightly before attempting to detangle it. The best way to detangle your hair is with a wide-tooth comb such as the Ouidad Double Detangler Comb $24 or a Tangle Teezer $9.75.

Images: Imaxtree