How to Erase the Tell-Tale Signs of Crying


woman that does not look like she has been crying

image: IMAXtree

A break-up, a painful fight with a close friend, a rejection letter, overwhelming stress, a moving novel – we’ve all been there and shed tears along the way. Adding insult to injury, crying leaves many of us with a bloated face, thick under-eye bags, skin discoloration and an overall haggard look that makes getting through the hours post-crying all the more painful. Don’t fret! Here are some steps you can take to minimize that unwelcome effect.

  • Take a deep breath and – as obvious as it may seem – stop crying! Personally, I find that anticipating how upset I will be the next day when I wake up and see the state of my face to be motivation enough to wipe away the tears and try a more proactive approach.
  • Water is key. Splash your face with cold water for a few minutes, focusing particularly on your eye region to minimize swelling and discoloration. Then, drink lots of water (dehydration contributes to a swollen face). In that same vein, avoid sodium which would make your face swell up more.
  • Visine is key for eye redness.
  • Reach for cucumber slices, ice wrapped in a cloth or damp cold tea bags to make a compress.
  • Hydrate your eye region with an eye cream (ones formulated with yellow or green tints are particularly effective because they help neutralize redness) and then massage your eye region using your ring finger. The eye region is sensitive and ring fingers offer the lightest touch.
  • If your crying session has occurred before bedtime, sleep in an elevated position (stack two pillows to prevent any additional fluid from gathering around your eyes). Ideally, however, stay awake because falling asleep right after crying won’t allow the excess fluid to drain properly.
  • If your crying session has occurred by day, NARS national makeup stylist Jake Broullard suggests touching up your mascara and smudging your eyeliner. Then, he says, “Add a darker shadow around your lashes top and bottom and blend with a softer color. This will transform your teary eyes into sexy eyes.” Broullard further suggests adding concealer under your eyes and a little blush to cheeks. Lastly, “Perk up your look with a colored eyeliner. Use a bright blue in the lower waterline of your eye.”