Trish McEvoy Spills Her Beauty Secrets: Closed Set with Julie Bensman

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoyTrish McEvoy is one of those brands you simply associate with all things beautiful. Her philosophy simple, her products innovative, it’s clear McEvoy, herself, practices what she preaches – just take a look at the “Real New York Beauties” feature in the last issue of Gotham.

Beautiful and brilliant, she founded Trish McEvoy Beauty when she was 25 and turned it into a multi-million dollar company by the age of 30. With an HSN debut this August, McEvoy will be a busy bee this summer, but that doesn’t mean she won’t find time to visit fellow Southampton denizens, take long walks on the beach with her husband, and host visitors in from the city (Trish, if you’re reading this, I’m a fantastic houseguest).

“This summer, I plan on enjoying the outdoors, under the cover of SPF, of course!” she told me. Of course, I thought to myself. The woman’s skin is flawless, but is her SPF to be credited entirely? 

McEvoy says the single biggest mistake women make when it comes to a summer beauty regimen is not using long-wear makeup formulas. “People waste so much time applying makeup that doesn't last, says McEvoy. “Summer is all about staying in the moment. I'm excited about 24-hour products that enable you to apply your makeup once, and forget about it.” Products like her Liquid Face Color are a must.

Keeping textures sheer should also be a rule of thumb, she says. “When the sun hits your face, it should look like you, only enhanced. This is not the time of year for heavy powders or opaque formulas.” Anyone living in the hotbox that has been New York City lately would certainly agree.

Ultimately, McEvoy knows that how you look directly impacts how you feel. It’s a beauty truth generations of women have known, including her grandmother. “She showed me the power of always looking pulled together,” McEvoy reflected. “Casual or dressy, she looked like she made an effort which taught me that putting a little energy into how you look goes a long way.”

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