Top Hair Stylists Come to Your Summer Hair Rescue

Sun, salt, humidity, and chlorine can wreak havoc on hair. To find out how to prevent environmental damage, we spoke with Red Door Spas’ color expert, William Simon and national creative director, Zahir Ziani.

The Fashion Spot: You spent years at Dessange and then at Fekkai. Can you tell us some words of wisdom you picked up while working with such visionaries?

William Simon: Consistent! Focused! Passionate! Creativity!

tFS: You're a fan of Tiger Balm. Can you tell us a little bit about it and what you use it for?

WS: Tiger balm is made from a secret herbal formulation that dates back to Chinese emperors. I have studied Chinese medicine throughout the years and when having a client in my chair, I want my clients to be relaxed and get the full experience. I always massage their neck and shoulders before service.

tFS: What should people with color treated hair remember to do when faced with sun, salt water, and other summertime environmental aggressors?

WS: I recommend they use an oil spray sun protector for the strong sun everyday and a gel-like sun protector for chlorine water. I recommend protective products from Kerastase.

tFS: What celebrity hair color is most in demand with your Hamptons clients?

WS: Definitely blonde!

tFS: Any tips for women looking to make a drastic color change?

WS: I believe hair color has to do with an individual’s style, skin tone, eye color and makeup harmony. Trends and new fashion can also help with tips and ideas of what kinds of changes to make. My personal favorites that I always look to for inspirations are Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Jean Claude J. Troes.

tFS: Can you tell us about some of your favorite hair products?

WS: Fekkai, Bumble and Bumble, and 6 Phyto.

tFS: Any tips for avoiding summer frizz?

Zahir Ziani: To avoid the frizz during summer, I recommend to blowout your hair with a bristle brush, because you are able to better smooth hair, then use a flat iron only for the root. To get a final touch, use a product to set the hair, such as Kerastase Elixir Ultime. For thicker and more difficult hair, a Keratin treatment is great to get shine. 

tFS: What are some chic ways women can style their long hair to stay cool when it gets hot?

ZZ: In the summer when it is very hot and especially humid, having long hair sit on your shoulders and neck can be very irritating. I recommend a chic pony tail which can be easily achieved by making a section on the top of the head from the front to the crown. Attach the remaining hair in high pony tail. Join the first section with the pony tail and add height as an effect on the top of the head. This style will give a very elegant look and won’t be too heavy for summer.

tFS: What's an easy day-to-night hairstyle that's great for a summer getaway weekend?

ZZ: For a Hamptons weekend, women want to be sexy and glamorous but remain natural. I suggest to curl all the hair with a 2 inch curling iron. Then make two sections, first separate hair from ear to ear from the nape of the neck. Then attach in a low and loose pony tail with an elastic. Roll hair so that the interior is facing down and fix on the nape of the neck. Drop the rest of the hair that you have curled and place the hair with your inspiration and you'll  get a "glamorous Chanel look" which is a 40s-ish waving bob. This will be a great transformation without having to cut your hair!

tFS:  Can you tell us about some of your favorite hair products?

ZZ: All Red Door Spa stylists have about three to four products that they use often. Kerastase products are my favorite because the products give a natural look. Just remember that the best product is how and when you use it. A mousse or spray volume to give a texture, a finishing spray, and a non-oily shine serum are essentials for me.