9 Ways to Survive Summer Music Festivals and Still Look Hot

Rosie Huntington Whitely at Coachella 2012

Headed to Lollapalooza or another music festival this summer? Make sure you look your best even when you break a sweat with these 9 expert tips.

1. Wear A Hat

The sun is strong in the summer months, especially when you’re in an open space exposed all day, says beauty expert and licensed medical aesthetician Kelley West. That’s why it’s important to bring a hat that will protect and cover your face. “This will prevent the sun from beating directly on your head and help cool you down.” A hat that you can fold up and put in your purse is ideal, notes Kelley, but any type of hat (fedora, floppy hat, you name it) will shade and shield you. Just make sure it matches your outfit!

2. Avoid Heavy Makeup

The trick to staying rock-and-roll gorgeous during an outdoor music festival is to keep it simple, pretty, and use accessories other than heavy makeup, recommends Melissa Picoli, esthetician and founder of BijaBody health + beauty. “Makeup will eventually melt, so start by applying a clay mask. This will draw out residual skin oil and help your makeup stay on longer. Follow with a light moisturizer, some primer, and a light layer of foundation.” Or, you can simply use tinted moisturizer. Add a touch of gloss to your lips and line your eyes. If your eyeliner smudges by the end of the day, don’t worry about it—it only plays up your rock star look!

3. Bring Blotting Papers

Instead of powder, to control shine, try blotting papers, says makeup artist Susan Giordano. “They do a terrific job of absorbing excess oil while leaving behind a pretty sheen.” And trust us, you’ll need ‘em in that hot, hot heat.

4. Pack Multitasking Products

Days that stretch into nights (and back into days) require low-maintenance glamour, says Aussie makeup maestro Napoleon Perdis. "Save space and lighten the load by packing multitasking products for maximum impact and minimal baggage.” For instance, his Light Patrol Luminizer Palette has five shimmery shades you can apply to your eyes, cheeks, and lips in a pocket-sized compact.

5. Cool Off With A Misting Spray

Help set makeup and cool off skin with a refreshing complexion spray, like Aubrey’s Sparkling Mineral Water Herbal Complexion Mist, during the concert. You’ll thank us later, we promise!

6. Apply Sunscreen

Before heading out to the festival each day, apply a heavy sunscreen (SPF 50 or more) from head to toe, advises Kelley West. “Take the sunscreen with you and reapply throughout the day (every 2 hours is best) to ensure you don’t burn or scorch your skin to the sun.”

7. Use Dry Shampoo

In crowded venues and scorching temperatures, it can be nearly impossible to keep your mane looking fresh. Party like a rock star and make sure your hair is clean with got2b Rockin’ It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo. Specifically designed to spray on invisibly, this is the perfect festival accessory, particularly if you’re camping out.

8. Stash Single-Use Skincare

Need an instant pick-me-up? If you’re lacking in the sleep department, Napoleon Perdis recommends storing his Energizing Eye Masks in your purse to alleviate the effects of dehydration, under-eye dark circles and super long days and nights. “They’re an instant refresh, no sink required!”

9. Rejuvenate With Peppermint Oil

Preserve your sanity and prepare for the long weekend by taking a small bottle of peppermint oil with you, advises Janet St. Paul, owner of Janet St. Paul Studio For Hair in Austin, Texas. “When you’re done for the day (or whenever you need it) dab some on your temples, at the base of your neck and behind your ears. This aromatherapy will lift your energy and get you ready for round two.” Ah, completely refreshing…