So Pinteresting: You Won’t Believe These Wonderful and Wacky Nail Art Photos

It’s time for this fashion writer to come clean: I do not understand nail art. I love a good mani/pedi and I try to keep my nails looking fabulous as much as possible, but wacky nail art is just beyond me. Like completely. I think it’s really cool, and it boggles my mind how people can create tiny drawings with nail polish, but nonetheless—it’s not my thing. Meaning, I would never spend hours creating nail art myself, nor would I ever pay someone else to do it. That being said, I might not want to buy a Rothko painting, but I can certainly appreciate it, right?* It is, of course, much easier to write what you know, but so the saying goes: nothing worth doing is easy.

So when I was recently browsing Pinterest for a trend that both intrigued and wowed me, I quickly noticed the popularity of wacky digit toppers and knew I had to document it. I wanted to learn more about this trend that has essentially overtaken not only a substantial set of pinfamous pinners, but also a good portion of women in Manhattan. What follows is my list of the 10 most creative nail masterpieces on Pinterest. Behold, be awed, and (in some cases) beware.

*This analogy doesn't really hold water, because I would absolutely buy a Rothko painting, had I $87 million lying around.

All images via Pinterest.