I Confess: Unwanted Stray Hairs

There are so many upsides to growing out of childhood: you get to set your own bedtime, spend your free time however you like, choose your own life adventure, and experience all the delights and frustrations which make existence interesting. But there's a downside. Namely, your body starts doing weird and surprising stuff, like sprouting strange, unwelcome hairs in unexpected places.

Even if you eliminate your leg hair and armpit hair as part of your beauty routine, some rogue hair agents might decide to invade other parts of your otherwise sweet, sweet bod. Common destinations for single strands of maverick hair include (sorry to be gross) your face, toes, or areola. Yuck yuck ew.

You might think the solution to this little beauty dilemma is as easy as it gets: grab a pair of tweezers and get at it! But hold on for just one second. If you're dealing with ingrowns, sensitive skin, or simply a stubborn little bugger, some care and caution is in order.

Washing and exfoliating before the tweezers-attack is a good way to open your pores and make the plucking a little easier, saving your skin some irritation. Next, you might consider making a small investment in a pair of special, needle-tip tweezers specifically designed to pull stray hairs out right from the follicle. Standard tweezers might complicate the problem, in the case of ingrown hairs, or break the hair at the surface of the skin without extracting it from the root. When you've successfully extricated the offending hair, resist the urge to keep poking at other irregularities on your face or body. Step away from the tweezers and go live!

image: Getty