If You Aren’t Using Hair Oil, You’re Missing Out on Seriously Gorgeous Hair

runway image of woman with hair oil

image: Imaxtree

Credit Josie Maran and her argan-centric skin, hair, and makeup line for Sephora for the current craze for beauty oils. Since her cult debut, Macadamia and Moroccan oil masks have stormed the shelves and left beauty experts scrambling to proclaim their potent properties for reviving dead and damaged locks.

There are countless new products featuring a variety of oils that claim to hydrate and heal. The high fat content of all these oils helps them to absorb into the hair and soothe irritation as well as eliminate dryness. Massaging oils into dry tresses and then shampooing and conditioning as normal will offer the best benefits for locks in need of love. Make sure to distribute the oils all over the hair by using a Mason Pearson brush or another brush with even bristles.

For those looking for some serious deep conditioning, try a classic hot oil treatment—simply heat the oil in the microwave and then coat the hair evenly. For a super rich treatment, coat the hair, add a shower cap and sleep in the oils overnight.

Which hair oil should you be using? See below for our picks of the best oil for hair.