1960s Makeup and Modern Hair at DL1961’s Debut Runway Show

Last week, premium denim brand DL1961 went next level and held its very first runway show. (We're longtime fans.) After launching in 2008, the label quickly became a cult favorite with a vast array of denim offerings in countless colors and insanely flattering and comfortable fits. Director of marketing and brand promotion Sarah Ahmed notes that DL1961 is "a line any person can wear. When you walk down the street in New York, you see 10 different styles. We've created a line that can have something for each of those styles."

If you're wondering how DL1961 managed to turn out a streamlined-looking collection without selling out its everygirl appeal, the credit's due, in part, to makeup artist Matthew Sky and hair stylist Andrea Wilson. The pair developed a beauty look which consisted of sexy, retro makeup paired with messy sidebraids. Along with their teams of makeup artists, Sky and Wilson adapted the overall beauty concept to each individual model.

Wilson's hair styling riffed on DL1961's New York City inspiration: "All over the city this summer I've seen so many girls with the side braid, the fishtail braid. All the models, on jobs, before they leave are like, 'Can you give me a braid? Can you give me a fishtail braid?' And the best thing about it is, there's no way to do it wrong. It doesn't matter if it's a little messy — if it's messy, it's even better. So I decided to keep it messy, but make it just a little more textured, with pieces. But still keep it light enough so that when you're walking there's this movement."

Sky's Sixties makeup look balanced the modern hair: "I did a retro sexy lash, where it was stronger on the outside corner. We did a neutral eye, where it was defined in the brow bone area. There was a really shimmery white shimmer-dusty powder on the outside lid. We did a very extravagant line on the upper eye, extending almost to the brow. Underneath the eye there was almost no makeup at all, just at the corner a little bit of espresso brown. The skin was really glory, with a highlighter above the cheekbone and a little flush. The lips were done in a nude, where we beiged out the lips and added a pop of pink in the middle, and on top of that we put lip gloss, so you could see it from far away."

Images Brad Triffitt and Getty Images