Luxe Laundry: Products to Make the Washing a Treat

There's pretty much no area of the home unaffected by luxury mania, and that includes that least glamorous of all rooms – the laundry room. You probably have some store brand detergent, maybe some Woolite for when you're feeling fancy, a plastic laundry tub and a college era drying rack in your repertoire, but did you know the business of "laundry accessories" is booming?

That's right. Blame Martha Stewart, blame The Laundress, but laundry has gone luxe. Speaking of, The Laundress is the queen bee of the prestige washing set. Scents like Lady with notes of grapefruit, apple, bergamot, basil, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, amber, rose, sandalwood cedar, and musk pretty much blow "spring fresh" out of the softly lathered water.

Kitschy metal laundry tubs, black and white striped accessories and stain, cashmere and clothing and upholstery brushes to rival Mason Pearson, you never knew what you were missing. The Laundress has its own line of branded wooden clothes pins for those drying the old fashioned way, and you can find more eco friendly bamboo clothes pins at The Container Store, or a whole category of cloth-covered options on Etsy.

If a niche laundry purveyor like The Laundress doesn't have the same cachet as an established beauty and home brand, you can check out Tocca's line of laundry products here. The adorable packaging is obviously key to the experience. For a more affordable option that's still a step above grocery store grade, check out Victoria's Secret's Laundry Detergent in their stores or on eBay.

There are detergents for delicates, for cashmere, just for keeping your jeans from fading, you name it. I hope you're not doing laundry in a corner of your basement because you're going to need some room for all these products.

Joking aside, it does make sense. We love our clothes and put so much time and effort into choosing them, we should take care of them. And why not make the experience a little less like manual labor in the process?