Runway Dare: Do Fake Freckles at Home

Antonio Berardi Spring 2013

For most fashion week beauty trends, it's just a matter of buying a new lipstick or flicking out your liner but this season there's one trend that requires a bit more patience and a bit of skill. Fake freckles have been popping up on the runways and in editorials for the past few seasons but this season everyone from Rag & Bone to Antonio Berardi was penciling on subtle freckles for a fresh, daytime look.

Antonio BerardiHolly Fulton

There are a few ways to get fake freckles at home. The most difficult is using a self-tanner. If you're already a regular user of self-tanner and feel confident, try using a very small brush to apply a layer of freckles on your already tanned face. As you can imagine, this method has a huge margin for error and the tone of the product also comes into play.

The best and easiest way to get fake freckles is by using an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. One benefit of using a brow pencil is that they are often more ashy tones rather than red based browns. You want your freckles to look as natural as possible so opt for two shades that you can layer for a plausible face of freckles. First, take a taupe pencil and dot around the center of your face. It's important to remember that natural freckles aren't even and the quickest way to draw attention to your fake freckles is by accidentally making them perfectly spaced and symmetrical. Next, take a darker ash brown and apply a second layer. At this point, the freckles will still look very obvious so you have to soften them up. Either pat the area with your fingertips until the spots are softened or take a clean eyeshadow blending brush and buff over the spots. Finish with a setting spray or powder for a lasting finish. 

Images: IMAXtree