Redken’s Jorge Joao on Catwalk Curls at Toronto Fashion Week

Yesterday we discussed ways of recreating runway makeup, with help from Maybelline Canada's imitable Grace Lee, so today I thought we'd round off our World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring 2013 coverage by talking about hair.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Redken Artist Jorge Joao, who led the hair styling team backstage at Toronto’s Fashion Week. Here's what he had to stay about the coming trends for your tresses.

The Fashion Spot: At shows like Allistyle, I'm noticing a lot of barrel curls, why did you decide go with that look?

Jeorge Joao: Yeah, we just want some glamorous, voluminous curls. Something beautiful that you would see on the street because it's relatable. They make any woman feel beautiful and glamorous so we just want to have the consumer relate to that.

tFS: So, do spill on how you create those perfect waves…

JJ: To achieve the curls, we used 1-inch curling irons with some Iron Shape 11, applying it to our sections, before letting it set and cool down. Then we just rake the hair through with our fingers, add a little bit of Fashion Works 12 and some Shine Flash 02, then bang! A crisp, clean curl.

tFS: Is this curly trend something that's going to define Spring?

JJ: I think you're going to see a lot of natural texture, that is natural movement because a lot of people don't want to spend those two, three hours in the mirror in the morning. Today's working woman really just wants to get in and out, so you're going to see people leaning back on their natural texture, whether it be a curl or wave, they're going to embrace what suits them the best. It's also the easiest thing to achieve so we definitely promote that.

tFS: There's also been some extreme slick-back looks, coming from the likes of Evan Biddell and Travis Taddeo, is that something you'd recommend as an evening look?

Yeah, you'll always see that kind of stuff as it a good way to move from day to night. If you're wearing your curls, then you just want do a quick sleek, with an aggressive part, low bun and it transforms really quick.

tFS: Finally, can you tell me what your must-have, desert island product is at the moment?

JJ: My favourite product, right now would most definitely be the Fashion Works 12 as it's in every single look we've done here!

Images via Redken Canada