Hair in a Hurry: How to Find the Perfect Wash-and-Go Cut for You

Have you ever noticed some girls seem to have the "perfect" style? Whether it's long or short, pink or blonde, something about their cut just fits them? Ever wonder why that is? According to Sam Brocato, owner of Sam Brocato Salon in New York City, the key to the right look for any woman is based on the texture of her hair. He believes that if you work with, instead of against, your hair type, you'll end up with a winning cut that shortens styling time with fewer bad hair days. What's the secret? Knowing the basics about what cuts work with what head of hair. It's simple really, and not at all hard to commit to memory for the next time you take a seat in your stylist's chair and hear, "What'll it be today?" 

The Thick (and Straight) of It

If your hair grows with a thickness that can't be denied and is straighter than it is wavy or curly, you're a prime candidate for long locks. Yes, we know long hair is a time consuming endeavor, but it's less so if you've got the right hair for it. Make sure you keep your layers long and tell your stylist to thin it out. Get it trimmed and thinned at least a few times per year. Buy yourself an awesome flat iron and some dry shampoo to stretch out your style over a few days. You should be taking advantage of its straight texture and leave the beachy waves to special occasions.

Girl, You Fine! And Thin!

For those of us who lack natural volume and quantity, short styles really are best. I know it's not fun to hear, but it's less fun to be the girl with long limp strands that look sad. If you must, go for a long bob, but experiment with pixie and boy-cuts, as well as chic little razor 'dos. You won't have to spend tons of money on products that promise to deliver volume or styling tricks (like teasing) that lead to unhealthy looking tresses. You can let your shorter, many-layered style air dry and touch it up with solid or spray styling wax. Afraid to take the plunge? Just think of all the gorgeous babes in history who never let their hair past their shoulders: Halle Berry, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow…the list is long.

Ride the Wave

Wavy hair is more common than a lot of women think because they're all so busy trying to tame it, straighten it, and de-frizz it. Instead of all that drama, have your stylist cut your hair in varying lengths. A dry cut will help him shape it for the best overall look. If he busts out a razor, say no thanks. Razors can cut down on volume, but can create frizz for hair that's already prone to it. Give yourself a deep conditioner in the shower and take a minute to run some Argan Oil through it after you towel dry. Let that sexy bedhead see the light of day. You might be surprised to find out such an easy style can last for days and still look great.

Curly Sue

It's true, this can be the most difficult type of hair to cut well and keep looking chic. Like wavy hair, your stylist should seriously think about cutting it dry so he knows where the thickest and thinnest parts of your locks are. It varies on each woman, some will need the ends thinned for shape, others will need some layering to add volume on the sides or at the back. Feel your hair for yourself to find out, so you can work with your stylist until he gets it right. In terms of length, longer is better. Short layers run the risk of pyramid head. If long isn't your thing, the shortest length you should attempt is the shoulder graze.

Now go be fabulous — and one of those girls whose look seems effortless, because it virtually is.

image: IMAXtree