Steal These Runway Beauty Looks for Your Prettiest New Year’s Eve Ever

New Year's Eve is a fashion lover's favorite night of the year. When so many of us spend our days drudging through the office rigamarole and keeping life relatively low key, this is the time when we really get to shine — literally. It's our yearly red carpet moment. Feel like wearing sequins head-to-toe? It's allowed. Want to wear that studded mini you just had to have, but have yet an occasion to wear it? This is it. Six-inch heels a problem at the office? Not at your New Year's event!

Here are eight inspiring runway beauty looks to finish off your glamorous countdown-to-midnight look. Don't be afraid to give one of these a go, even if it means wearing a bit more color than you're used to, or adding sparkle where you might not otherwise. A couple of these looks even require a trip to the costume store to gather supplies.