Got Fine Hair? No Baby, You Got Fiiiiiiine Hair (Here’s How)

Sure, many of us fantasize about crazy long, thick hair that cascades down in endless waves, but what we don't know is that a head of fine, not-too-thick tresses can be a lot easier to handle for today's busy lifestyles. It's a fact that ultra thick hair can take hours, even an entire day, to air dry. And sure it looks pretty when it's done, but doing it is beyond time-consuming. If your hair isn't as thick as your dreams of it are, be happy that your thinner locks are easier to manage — provided you have the right cut. Your haircut can make all the difference between enviable style and a forgettable look. Perhaps it's time for girls with hair-down-to-there and out-to-here to say they wish they could pull off your chicness.

The Long (and Short) of It: The first thing you should be aware of if your hair is less than thick (or tangles easily because the texture is fine) is that growing it out is going to be at your own risk of great looking style. The longer fine, thin hair is, the more weighed down and limp it's going to be. This hair type notoriously has a problem retaining curl too, so unfortunately extra time spend trying to create volume with curlers and curling irons can be time wasted. Do yourself a favor and keep your hair shoulder length or above. Feel squeamish about it? Don't. Short hair has a sex appeal all its own.

How Shapely: What you and your stylist need to do after you sit down in the salon chair is have a serious discussion about creating shape and volume with your hair cut, to minimize the need for products that will only weight it down. If you're in need of a stylist, feel free to ask a salon for someone who has experience working with fine hair and then test them out. They should suggest some type of layering technique, ask about length and not be afraid to use a razor. If they don't, they don't know fine tresses. Also, bring in a few celeb pics to get the conversation going. One of our favorite cuts and shapes for fine hair is the inverted bob. The cut is shorter in the back with stacked layers and longer in the front. This draws attention to your face and creates the illusion of having more hair than you do. 

Borrowed from the Boys: So many women hesitate about going short with a boy-inspired cut. But it can be just the thing to make you stand out as an individual, add edgy sex appeal and create wash-and-go ease. Need some inspiration? Think about Michelle Williams' hair from the last couple of years, the longer, feathered top is perfect for fine hair. Demi Moore a la Ghost had a divine, strong, boycut that matched her striking bone structure perfectly. Halle Berry has a rock star edge with her tousled-on-top, short-on-the-sides style. Be careful, though, make sure the length of your hair is varied to create volume and shape. A bowl cut is not going to do the trick.

Styling Tips: Use products sparingly. Use a low heat setting and a diffuser to blow dry your hair and create volume. Fine hair is easily damaged so pay special attention to avoiding excessive exposure to heat via curlers and irons. Sleek and straight or slightly tousled is your best bet. See if you can't train your hair to be less greasy; it maximizes shine, minimizes the need for products and allows you to go longer in between washes for serious time saving.