No Need for Blotox, Here’s How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer

There are many pros to working out. Getting fit (natch), that coveted endorphin rush and feeling wide awake after it’s all over. Seriously, it’s like an espresso shot that gets you through the rest of your day. But one of the major downsides to SoulCycle, hot yoga, CrossFit or even just running in the park is the dreaded sweat we produce in excess as a result — and if we’ve just gotten a blowout at our go-to salon, that sweat can equal trouble.

Apparently, some people have decided to tackle this problem head-on by getting Botox injections in their scalp. Dubbed “Blotox,” this is definitely an off-label use for the treatment that’s usually used to smooth fine lines and treat migraines. So, does it actually work to make blowouts last longer? Technically, yes. Botox actually blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for turning on your sweat glands in the first place, which can, in turn, mess up your mane.

But there are actually plenty of other ways to maintain your blowout without injecting yourself with poison. Check out the slideshow for the best products to use once you leave the salon and tips on how to make your blowout last longer. If you’re wondering how long does a blowout last, with these tricks, it should help get you through the week.

And remember, hands off! As much as you want to run your hands through your post-blowout hair, don’t. The natural oils in hands can damage the ‘do you just spent all that time and money on.

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