Do-It-Yourself Date Night Hair for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Just try getting a salon appointment on Valentine's Day. Actually, don't bother, it's too late. Looks like you're pulling your hair off yourself! Here are some fab ideas for your tresses for date night, girls night, whatever you're doing to celebrate the day of hearts and flowers.

Rodarte Fall 2012

DIY Rodarte Star Hair Pins

The hair from Rodarte's Fall 2012 collection was soft, romantic and something apart from the everyday — everything you want Valentine's Day hair to be. It's also a fairly easy look to get. The look was created by Kerastase's Odile Gilbert, who told Into The Gloss, "This is Rodarte—you get to be a bit artistic with them!" I'd rough dry your hair with some smoothing product to get started. Odile used a three-branch iron to get a little wave, but if you don't have one you could create a similar effect by wrapping strands around your 1" barrel iron. A deep side part and you're almost there.

The most complicated part is creating the faux-bob, unless your hair is short enough to just wear loose. The trick is to create a small braid to pin the rest of your hair to. Take a small piece of hair from the nape of your neck, divide it in two and create two braids. Wrap the braids around each other and pin against the back of your head. Then, pin your lose waves under against the braids. Rough it up a little bit, pulling out some sections and add these DIY Rodarte Star Hair Pins — or in honor of Valentine's Day, consider using hearts and spraying them pink instead of gold!

Loose Updo

A whimsical (read: not too polished) updo might be just what you need in these winter winds. Blogger Amanda Paige has an excellent loose updo tutorial here with step-by-step photos. She started by curling her hair for texture — you could also add some texturizer or hairspray during this step. Section off the two front parts of your hair, on each side of your usual part. Take the center section of your hair that's left at the crown and tease it at the root for volume. Then create a loose bun with this section, pinning it using bobby pins. Twist each front section back, creating another bun right next to the center bun and pin. Voila!

hair chalkCool Color With Hair Chalk

Nothing's more festive than some pink hair color! Go super cute for the day with some temporary hair chalk. The Beauty Department did this great tutorial for ombre, multi-hued hair chalking and a lot of the same tips apply if you want to just add some pink. I personally have my eye on Kisspat's Hair Chalk set, but any beauty supply has hair chalk at this point. Check out the Beauty Department post for specific advice for light hair, dark hair an redheads. It's pretty much the process you'd expect: rub the chalk on your hair. Twisting hair while chalking it helps release more pigment. Be careful, I hear this is addictive!






Rodarte Fall 2012 image: IMAXtree