CC Cream vs. BB Cream: Which Miracle Product Should You Be Using?

What is BB Cream? Picture of model wearing bb cream

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Over the past few years, there hasn’t been a trend like the BB cream. From the department store to the drugstore, we were obsessed with the tinted moisturizer, foundation, treatment hybrid product. A few months ago, the term CC cream started floating around and if this past fashion week was any indication, they’re set to make a big mark this season.

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While BB creams have been defined as beauty balms, blemish balms, beauty benefit, and a whole slew of other BB terms, the industry is pretty much agreed that CC stands for color correcting. Color correcting is a process that’s been used by makeup artists for decades and is often misused by amateurs. These products use color theory to combat redness, sallow tones and dark shadows. One element to note when talking about CC creams is that they may or may not act as a foundation substitute. Their purpose isn’t to provide coverage, though some do, but to correct any tonal imperfections. Because of this, they offer a better texture than most BB creams; rather than the thick, balm-like texture, most CC creams tend to be much lighter to the touch.

CC Cream vs. BB Cream: Which Miracle Product Should You Be Using?

As with the BB cream, the most impressive versions of the product are only available in Asia and the holy grail of CC creams in the west is the elusive Chanel version but it’s near impossible to get a hold of. Don’t fear though, in addition to Clinique and L’Oreal who are imminently releasing their CC creams, Olay, Juice Beauty, and Nip & Fab have already released their versions. Happy correcting!  

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